Best aussie pokies for Experienced Casino Players

Blackjack is often cited as one of the highest payout percentage casino games. In fact, Blackjack pays out over % of bets placed; The house edge is extremely low at less than 1%.

What is often forgotten is that this level of payout can only be achieved if the basic strategy is carefully followed.
Mathematicians have carefully calculated the best move for each blackjack situation. Thus, a basic strategy was created, which can now be viewed online in the form of a table. Depending on the blackjack variant, there are adapted tables that take into account changes in the rules.

Whenever you decide to play blackjack on your own, chances are you are deviating from your blackjack strategy. As a result, the advantage of the house increases. Side bets also reduce the payout percentage. Beginners should consult the basic strategy for every decision.

The game gets so hard, slow, boring. For this reason, blackjack is more recommended for experienced strategists.

In any case, blackjack is quite difficult for casino games. Instead of placing a bet at the beginning of the round, as in roulette, and waiting to see what happens, blackjack requires you to constantly make new decisions. Hit or stand – you always need to think about whether to take another card.

Depending on the game situation, new options arise. Some hands can be split (split), sometimes the bet can be doubled (double down). If the dealer has an ace up, an insurance bet is offered.

The decision tree is so branched that newcomers quickly get lost.

Online casino poker games prove to be just as difficult. For example, in Casino Hold’em you play against the dealer with two cards. The goal is to form the best five-card hand possible with the community cards in the middle.

After the flop, you must decide if your hand is strong enough to counter the dealer (call) or if you should fold (fold). To make an informed judgment, it is important to know the odds in poker. Otherwise, you are playing a guessing game and, as a result, reduce your chances of finishing the session in the black.

The best casino games like baccarat are not as easy to play as they seem. While you’re simply betting on the banker’s or player’s hand, how the results are compiled isn’t exactly intuitive. As you can see from the rules, the goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 9 points.

However, unlike blackjack, there is no bust. 10 points in baccarat count as 0, 11 points are reduced to 1 point, and so on. According to the rules, the tens place in baccarat is removed. If your cards are over 10 points, you can cross out the first number.

The dice game is quite difficult when you first try it. With pass and fail bets, the RTP remains in control, while betting on certain numbers on the dice is sometimes associated with astronomical house edge. An Any 7 bet offers the lowest odds of winning.

Although the seven is the most common number rolled on two dice, the house edge is outrageously high at 16.7%. The reason is the payout 4:1. Unlike the best casino games like roulette, some craps bets are unfairly rewarded.

More and more casino portals are following the wishes of players – be they beginners or high rollers – and are expanding their portfolio to include keno, lottery, as well as scratch cards, which can be found in a well-stocked casino on the Internet. All information about the rules of the game, as well as practical strategies for an optimal gaming experience, can be found in our casino guide at Take your time to look around!

Casino game options

In local casinos, often only one option is available to you. Roulette, for example, is dominated by American Roulette. In fact, this is the worst roulette game ever.

Problem: Although there is an extra double zero number in American Roulette, this does not affect the bet payouts. The payouts for winning bets are identical to European and French roulette. As a result, the payout percentage in American roulette drops to 94.74%.

European Roulette outperforms American Roulette with an RTP of 97.3%. French Roulette has the same house edge.

However, French Roulette is still a bit more useful because with the En Prison and La Partage rule, equal chances are not automatically lost if the ball lands on 0.

Casino games like blackjack have been re-released online dozens of times. Often the number of decks and side bets offered varies. Some variations even turn the rules on their head.

In Power Blackjack 9 and 10 are excluded from the deck. This reduces the likelihood of getting high-scoring cards, so needs to be rethought. 21 Burn Blackjack gives you the option to burn a second card and trade it for a third.

And in double exposure blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are exposed instead of leaving one down.

Pokies have also come a long way as the best casino games. If in the early 2000s pokies had 5, 10 or 20 pay lines, on which winning combinations should lie, then new online pokies mainly use winning methods.

It is enough that the same symbols are on adjacent reels. Megaways operate in the same spirit, and their peculiarity is that the number of ways to win is determined randomly before each round. Some pokies casinos , such as Gates of Olympus, are only interested in the number of matching symbols – regardless of where they are talked about.

Pokies have also changed for high rollers. With Bonus Buy, bonus features can often be automatically activated in pokies. However, guaranteed free spins come with much higher stakes. Often you have to pay 100 times the rate.

In free spins, there is a chance to win back the bet. Sometimes the RTP of pokies is slightly higher when you use the bonus buy. However, the risk of incurring large losses in a short period of time also increases.