Progressive Jackpot (Jackpot aussie pokies)

Progressive pokies casinos are those where the jackpots accumulate to make the jackpot bigger and bigger. Although this is the main feature, it is also true that they have more than traditional online pokies. And that is why they have a dedicated section in our casino comparator. It’s not just that progressive  pokies bring more prizes, but also many other things that we will analyze here.

So, we give you an analysis of what online pokies are, who should play them and how they can be played better. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know at least a little more about this exciting world.

What are Jackpot pokies?

There are many types of online pokies. We can say that no two are the same. However, it is also true that the differences between them are minimal. Some pokies have more symbols, some have more colors, some give more prizes, some less, etc. And the topic. There are online pokies on a wide variety of topics, from superheroes to sports and sci-fi or fantasy movies. In addition, we can say that there is no theme in the world that would not be transferred to pokies casinos machines, and if there is, it will soon be transformed into a online pokies.

However, if we want to distinguish pokies, we can only divide them into two large groups: “regular” pokies casinos and progressive pokies casinos. In this article, we will talk about progressive pokies that build up the pot in order to be able to win bigger prizes.

Jackpot online pokies work in the same way as other online pokies i.e. to win a prize, you need to collect the correct combination of symbols. It must also be said that the more likely the combination, the smaller the amount obtained. This price is not fixed, it increases as users play. Why? Because part of the user’s spending goes into the “box” of the bank.

The difference is that progressive pokies collect the jackpot not only of one pokies casinos, but of all connected to the same network. Usually all of these pokies casinos are dedicated to the same game, and they all increase the pot distributed by users in different casinos.

This increases the pot as the amount increases every second. All you have to do is watch the glowing markers that accompany each progressive pokies casinos grow.

You have no limits

To win the pot, you need to bet certain symbols in a certain way. It doesn’t matter how much you bet on it. If the pot drops after your first bet, you will probably be one of the happiest people in history, as the difficulty of getting out is incredibly high, especially if it happens in the first round.

We want to say that all you need is luck, or rather luck. If you have it, you can win a prize that can sometimes be called a million. It is not for nothing that the companies that create this type of software and their pokies casinos games do not place any restrictions on the bank in question. In addition, they are interested in making it as high as possible, because it is very important that more and more users are interested in the game.

The pot can be of any type, smaller or larger. In most cases, of course, the gap is between 500,000 and 10,000,000 euros. If you ask before searching the web, we inform you that the biggest jackpot won by a online pokies is 17.8 million euros. It was in the Mega Fortune game developed by NetEnt.

Are there any other differences between regular and progressive pokies?

The big difference is the pot. But, as you already know, the higher the price, the more difficult. This is logic. For the same reason, it must also be said that although the winnings are higher in progressive pokies, there are still far fewer ways to win than in “regular” pokies casinos.

The price is always the same for regular online pokies. It’s predetermined. It doesn’t matter who played before. The price will never change. However, it is also true that these online pokies are usually more forgiving. They give away more prizes, which means we win more often and therefore play longer. The risk of losing a lot of money is lower because the actual costs are also lower.

On the other hand, in progressive online pokies, the price rises more and more, and therefore it becomes more and more. And, obviously, getting to it is much more difficult. For the same reason, these progressive pokies are also known as Big Variance, as they usually have few, but very big prizes, with all the ensuing consequences.
The first and most dangerous thing for players is that they can remain without a win for a long time. This can lead players with small bankrolls to quit the game very soon and be left feeling frustrated. For this reason, we recommend that beginners, who usually have a small bankroll, play low variance pokies, i.e. pokies casinos without a progressive jackpot. This provides more consistent access to prizes and experience for this type of player. Progressive pokies, while offering the opportunity to win a rich jackpot, soon run out on players’ money.

How to Play Jackpot pokies

Playing progressive pokies is slightly different from playing “regular” pokies casinos. The reason is the same, to have fun and, if you’re lucky, make some money, but the way to get there must be different. This is due to the large difference between the odds of winning in “regular” pokies casinos and jackpot pokies.

If we usually already advise betting on all paylines in all online pokies, since there are many more ways to win prizes, then in progressive pokies it should be practically mandatory. Also, you always have to bet extra to win the pot. Yes, although it is more expensive than playing with multiple paylines, it is essential if we are to survive the game. When we play with a small number of paylines and do not place any side bets, we overshadow the few chances we have to win a prize, so we are practically tossing coins into a pot that will be won by someone else who bets higher. .

That’s why we said earlier that progressive pokies are made for experienced players who are willing to spend a lot of money on them. Inexperienced players may find it better to bet less money on fewer paylines. Therefore, without knowing it, they will contribute to the bank and have little chance of winning the prize.

Is it advisable to play progressive pokies?

As already mentioned, it depends on what kind of player you are. If you are inexperienced or don’t have a very big bankroll, we don’t recommend playing this type of pokies at all. And if you are a user who wants to have a good time and nothing more and wants to keep it as long as possible, then neither. Jackpot pokies casinos eat up money very quickly, giving you nothing in return, unless you bet big or can’t play for a long time.

However, if you are a seasoned player with a big bankroll and want a lot of excitement, progressive pokies are for you. The price is no more and no less for those who want to change their lives, and this is always a good thing. True, game rounds are more expensive, but you need to know this. As with most bets, the bigger the bet, the higher the prize, and progressive pokies are no exception.

However, remember that although addiction is similar in both types of online pokies, it is much more dangerous in progressive ones. Keep in mind that everything costs more, and being addicted to a progressive pokies casinos always costs a lot of money. So be careful with this type of online pokies.

In conclusion, it is always worth knowing that online pokies, both progressive and “regular”, are made for us to have a good time. We emphasize this very much, but it is important to understand that we should always treat it as a hobby and therefore should spend as much money as we can spend, and not more as a pastime just for fun. If we think of online pokies as investing in the jackpot, we will experience many frustrations and risk spending more than we should, and even what we have. We remind you that online pokies are leisure, where we should only spend money intended for recreation, nothing more.